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Miami's Watchlist

Houston and Memphis has been pushing out a lot of hot talent taking the game by storm. But it’s seems to be a shift in Hip-Hop to Florida. Cities like Pompano, Orlando, Jacksonville and Ft Lauderdale are pumping out superstars. Miami amongst these cities has become a dying star. Many upcoming a Artist complain that Miami’s rap scene has become so saturated with Hip-Hop too names who use the city as there playground absorb all the attention & opportunities meant for them. The lack of platforms and embrace from veterans has limited the market to the City Girls who quickly migrated their to Atlanta to catapult there stardom. Here are the top 5 rapper strive in this no way out environment.

Zoey Brinxx

Zoey Brinxx is not only a unique talent but a once in a blue moon brand. If “Get You One That Can Do Both Was A Person” Zoey would be that person. In one moment she delivers a Gangsta gritty collab with Carlito Black in “Stop Playn” and in the next, a certified Caresha level muse in her Young Miami - Rap Freak freestyle. Zoey occupies a rare intersection of hardcore aggressive rap and sensual melodic vocals. Zoey has an amazing skill set. She can spit with the best of them and can blow harder enough to actually be an R&B singer if she wanted too. Her pen is highly respect in South Florida and is a city favorite. From pushing the Casamigos craze with Kiddo Marv To Haitian dance anthem with Ladii Rose to a singing duet with MajorNine. Zoey is putting in work and showing her diversity sexy appeal and pure talent.

#ZoeyBrinxx #majornine #kiddomarv #casamigos #rapfreak #brinkstruck #stopPlayn #haiti #zoe #haitian

Boston Richey

Boston Richey is the hottest in city. His Future Co-sign has put him on the map and the radar of the whole industry in a four month window. Draped in bust down watches and chains with stacks of cash in almost every one of his visual, Boston appears to be a perfect for the Freebandz. Boston Richey gives EST Gee vibes with his content laced with an authentic Florida accent. His support from the streets is apparent. Boston Richey's future is as bright as rocks on em.

#Freebandz #future #bostonrichey #Dopeboy #iwantyou #PublicHousing


AB AKA Mr Put That Shit is more of a Icon than Artist. He oozes that Kayne Asshole persona that every ones loves. Much like Mr West AB has his hands in fashion & music. The trending Traction of The NFL Renegade’s newest dance further proves he is a magnet for popularity.

#AB #NFL #Fashion #Steelers #Raiders #Patroits #Buccaners #KanyeWest #PutThatShitOn #MrPutThatShitOn #AntonioBrown #Probowler #TikTok #Renegade

93 Purpose

It's just something special about 93 Purpose. 93 is a hybrid of melody & rap. 93 Purpose has a knack for infectious hooks. His nuance melodies and contagiously catchy chants is a potion for creative flow . 93’s hit single VVs’ explode in Miami almost instantaneously, hitting local radio and popping in the streets. be he quick separated himself from the one hit wonders with great bodies of work. 93’s is a consistent talent that jumps of the page with his entertaining ablips , sound effects and high pitch emphasis'. The most recently body of work from 93 Purpose shows he’s not even close to his ceiling. In his class he is voted most likely to put an number 1 on The Billboards.

#93Purpose #VVs #Endangered #400Season

P $mith

P $mith is a polish lyricist gift wrapped in prolific energy and dripping in flava , just PURE RAW Talent!!!! He signature codeine raspy like tone contrasts his bouncy cadences and infectious tempos to create a 1 of 1 un-duplicatable flow that seems effortless. He combines a lot of trap infused punch through a distinctive accent and a rare nonchalant demeanor. P $mith is more of a sniper then wet the block up type of rapper. P $mith is precise with his releases, producing hits that hit everytime. His quality over quantity approach tells us he is one viral moment away from stardom. His latest single deput has been rallying all of Florida’s rising star together to see the brightest among them shine. P $mith’s latest single “Flawda Wada” is becoming a theme in Miami branding Florida culture. The proof is in da pudding with this kid! Listen!!!

#psmith #uptopent #cashclub #powercircle #flawdawada #miami #pdot #risingstar #upcomingartist #floridarapper #XXLFreshmen #dadecounty #Rivercity #Carolcity

Money Bo

Money Bo is the Dade County version of 2 Chains. Unlike the typical rappers Money Bo is really the Baller he portrays to be. The former Kanas City Chief NFL Pro Bowler is ironically a former teammate of the former NFL superstar AB dating back to Miami Norland Senior High. Although Money Bo & AB have never collaborated on a track, they have on community building projects. Much of their respect in the streets stems from them giving back to it. Money Bo is a big flexer and approach’s his tracks with a ghetto flair subwoofers can appreciate!

#NFL #KansasCity #MoneyBo #Chiefs #WR #Probowl #BoIsland #Norland #LSU #2Chains #Baller #Raplete #trap #82ent

Carlito Black

Carlito Black’s abrasion and aggressive vocals is very distinct. His high energy and heavy Florida twang combined with his unorthodox lyricism insinuates heavy bass. Carlito is Miami’s Kobe, Much like "The Black Mamba" he probably the most hated, but he showcases elite talent that just has to be respected. Carlito Black has the full package and isn’t shy about boasting about it. His slogan "Dey Know" is evidence of a black sheep theory he driven by. This "me against the world" mentality leaves no doubt that amongst this class Carlito is most likely to get caught up in a rap beef that he apparently seems strapped to embrace, both lyrical and literally. His passion for emotion-evoking content complements his thug nostalgic aurora. Whether it’s as a Underground King or a Superstar, Carlito definitely has the longevity to impose his influence on the game.

#Blackmamba #CarlitoBlack #DatNigga #FlawdaBoi #Islandboi #Babyjefe #DeyKno #blueprintmusic #KobeBryant #Kobe #murdagardens #Daseed

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