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2020's Biggest Female Rap Influencers

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Rap is evolving yet again. Rap has been a man’s sport for along as we know it. But a wave of outspoken, unapologetic, seductive, and shameless female rappers are emerging everywhere with materialistic to rachet bars and everything in between.

If nobody noticed, I’m sure Jermaine Dupri did. Expressing his controversial opinion about how of how female artists lack substances. “They all rapping about the same thing,” “For me, it’s like strippers rapping said, Dupri. Dupri triggered responses from Trina, Cardi B, Doja Cat Melii, and recently Thee Stallion who didn’t even acknowledge his ID asked about how she felt about his comments.

Despite the criticism from super-producer Jermaine Dupri, female rappers continue to voice their attitudes and subject matters. Female Trap Culture is dominating the charts, breaking records, driving the boat, and saying whatever the fuck they want to say. Here are rap’s Top tongue hanging, long weave swangin, booty bouncing artists who just don’t give a fuck!

6. Sukihana AKA "Suki W/ Da Good Coochie"

If rachet was a person, her name would be Sukihana. Suki is a social media star, Sexy, hilarious with no filter. Suki is more of a personality than a rapper. Suki is nowhere near as consistent as she should be with her music. She has only a hand full of singles, literally. Doesn’t matter, she is still popping!

5. Mulatto AKA "Big Latto"

Childhood reality hip-hop star went from competing for a So So Def record deal on “The Rap Game” winning, shooting it down, going back to the streets, and building her stock up once again for a big contract with RCA Records. The young, sexy, and Atlanta attitude-filled XXL 2020 Freshman is popping up on singles all over the place. #QueenOfDaSouf

4. Saweetie

What's my favorite word???? #ICY The material girl with the prissy persona has built her brand on being pretty and pricey. Dropping three consecutive renditions annually since 2018 from hits in the 2000s. Saweetie has kept her hot streak going with big remixes and features.

3. Jucee Froot

Jucee blends the right amount of gangsta and sex appeal. Jucee has the versatile and flavor to last. Her work speaks for itself. The Memphis gritty lyricist became a freestyle phenom going viral on Facebook and Instagram and hasn't looked back since. Jucee seems to get all the deserve publicity from her huge placements, Birds of Prey, Insecure, Madden to her latest P Valley.

2. Megan Thee Stallion AKA Tina Snow

Thee Stallion is hands down the biggest sex symbol in the rap! Megan is dominating the charts with her Hot Girl movement and bringing female southern rap to the forefront. Megan is a platinum artist showing no sign of slowing down, pulling in ambassador deals with Savage Fenty, Coach, Puma, and a management deal with the Jay-Z-founded Roc Nation. Megan's sound intertwines a Houston pimp vs nasty freak. Despite all her personal losses she remains consistent and continues to drop Billboard anthem after anthem. #HotGirl #Summer #Savage #WAP #B.I.T.C.H

1. City Girls

The first ladies to the biggest independent label in the game. From day one the City Girls has been lit, and no problem has been able to slow down the Miami breed duo JT & Yung Miami. This modern-day version of Trina & Jackie-O embodies the hood Dade County persona with the lingo, their sound, and bold attitude. From poverty to prison, to pregnancy, to POPPIN! #Period

Female trap culture is a renaissance empowered and influenced through music, fashion, business, and personality. Maybe for first the time in history, females as a whole are dictating the script and are making the final say on what women can say, what women can do and how they should act! Who do you think should be on the list now? Any predictions for 2021? Comment and share your opinion.

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